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Building Your ‘Word-Of Mouth’

With the abundance of resources available online, customers are highly influenced to research topics based on what their peers tell them. Asking for recommendations and advice from family or friends will always be the most credible source for most customers, because ‘word of mouth’ marketing works. Trusting your friend’s opinion will continue to be a timeless form of marketing, but how can a business enhance their word-of-mouth and create more? Answer… your content both online and in print.

Your customers have adapted to the widespread variety of resources to check the facts about your business. In this modern world, where research on customer reviews can be done with a few simple clicks on a mobile device, it’s important to maintain an outstanding reputation with your customers. ‘Word-of-Mouth’ marketing may just be the deciding factor for a potential customer, after they have seen your website, social media page, and read your online reviews. The ‘Word-Of-Mouth’ marketing cycle demonstrates how a potential customer first finds out about your business, researches information about your company, and then confirms the research through multiple online sources. When you meet their needs and go beyond the expectations of the new customer, they will likely relay this positive experience to his/her immediate social connections, thus creating more research about your business.

‘Word-of-mouth’ marketing may not reach audiences as large as those marketed to by mass media, but it has a much more affirmative approach. Giving one customer a positive experience could build a relationship strong enough to help promote you to all of his/her connections. Consumers are bombarded with many different advertisements on a daily basis, but when a friend or family member takes the time out to recommend your business, that testimonial sticks… it’s what you do to convert that testimonial that counts!

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