Display Advertising

Display advertising is not only highly visible, but targeted – where your information is being displayed, to who that ad is being displayed, when you need your campaigns to run, which online properties are sending you more business, and ultimately the best ways to market your business online.


Display ads have many features and formats to suit your goals and budget:

  • Rich media to captivate your audience (interactive, animation, video)
  • Standard display ad formats for your print campaigns (banner, skyscraper, box, accordion)
  • Exclusive access to premium advertising properties online (through the Metroland Media network)
  • Targeted audiences by geography, topic and vertical (wheels.ca, community publications, Homefinder.ca and many more)
  • Brand Safety (ensuring your placement is always on-target)
  • Mobile solutions
  • Content targeting: Site Specific (see our Channel List below)
  • User targeting: based on their geographic location across the Metroland network (See our Metroland Publications Map below)
Channel List:


Metroland Publications Map (Click to Enlarge)











Display your brand and get results. Contact Metroland Media today for more information on developing a customized display advertising strategy.

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