Metroland Media has designed, developed and executed marketing plans for businesses just like yours. Learn more about the success of Metroland Media’s marketing solutions in the case studies below, and let Metroland Media do the same for you.

Tri-City Scuba


The uniqueness of Tri-City Scuba, who their main customers are, and where they come from required a marketing program that could help attract new business and build off their current clients…while staying cost effective! Metroland Digital’s “In Your Neighbourhood” program was a perfect fit!

Events Unbound Inc.


Metroland Media effectively managed a 3 month Paid Search campaign on Google for Danny’s company. Over that 3 month period, Events Unbound, received 21,655 impressions which in turn lead to 260 clicks leading to his website.



Metroland provided a full Social Media re-design. This included: training on how to market, engage, and expand Petculture’s social network via Facebook and Twitter.

Barbara Imrie RMT


Barbara Imrie is excited about her new website. She is thrilled with the
content added by Metroland Digital’s creative team and with the video and photo gallery showcasing her business. She has gained several new customers due to her new website and is looking forward to keeping
busy with many more.

JMD Pressure Washing & Sealing


The JMD Pressure Washing & Sealing owners were extremely happy with their newly designed website and content. They were also delighted to have Metroland Digital host their site at no extra cost. The new
website has already generated some leads and revenue.

Neo Centrix Salon


Neo Centrix has a basic marketing program with Metroland Digital that has yielded great results. The business profile that is found on the Metroland network provides Neo Centrix’s existing and new customers with amazing content that can be found directly in the heart of the community.

Peak Performance Health Care


Metroland Digital provided Peak Performance Health Care with professionally written content and distributed it on the most trusted source in the community – the online version of the local newspaper. Dr. Pessoa has seen great results from his articles online.

Hamilton Fitness Solutions


Metroland Digital effectively managed a 3 month Paid Search campaign on Google for Dave and his family’s business. Over the 3 month period, Hamilton Fitness Solutions received 7,737 impressions resulting in 551 clicks leading directly to their website.

Columbia Auto Service


Metroland Media provided Columbia Auto Service with a new custom website to replace their out-of-date website that didn’t quite meet their modern goals and objectives. Working directly with Metroland Media’s web developers, Columbia Auto Service received a new, vibrant website that they can be proud to present to their customers as their own.

Family Dentistry At The Pen Centre


Dr. Michalko’s new website and enhanced profile have generated several new customers. The 60 second video and the photo gallery enable customers to see Dr. Michalko in action even before they step into her office.

Brampton Rust Check & Sure Auto Glass


Overall the client saw a net increase of +52 on Google for various keywords tied to the Brampton Rust Check & Sure Auto Glass websites. The most significant increase applied to the keyword search, “Brampton auto glass chip” as her business now ranks 7th on Google, up 33 positions from the month prior.

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