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How to Gain Customers via Simple Communication

As a seasoned business owner, in the past you may have purchased a print ad or two as a way to get noticed amongst the competition. Customers would see your advertisement, make a decision at face value about your company, and may have given you a call. These days, with social media, review websites, and an overall influx of information, business owners should not only advertise as a way to defeat competition, but to start thinking about how their customers make a buying decision.

There’s information out there so why shouldn’t consumers seek it? After all, over half of today’s consumers are spending more time researching purchases with 60 per cent seeking out the product after reading about it.

So how do you gain these customers? A major way is by simply communicating with them. 70 per cent of consumers prefer learning about a company via articles rather than with an ad. If you are providing the public with expert information and advice, they are more than likely to trust you and give you their business.

Quick Facts

  • Consumers are not only looking for businesses, but they are also looking to learn more information about businesses, their products and their services.
  • 70% of consumers prefer learning about a company via articles.
  • 60% of consumers pursue a product after reading about it.
  • Businesses should evaluate advertising strategy based on how consumers make a buying decision.
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