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Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile friendly websites are essential to marketing a business as more and more potential customers use mobile phones to search for information. While some existing websites may already be smart-phone friendly and suitable for viewing on mobile screens, others have to be re-created.

How can you make your website more mobile friendly?

  • Determine whether your existing website package already incudes mobile support. If it does not, build a separate mobile site
  • iPhone, Android or Blackberry – ensure your site can support access from all of these devices
  • To target more specific users, use a web analytics tool, such as Metroland Media’s Reputation Management software, to determine what type of hand held device is mainly used to access your site and ensure your site supports it
  • Employee a good search tool, one that does not require too much scrolling or multiple pull-down menus
  • Scale down images used on your mobile website to ensure faster loading
  • Ensure your site is secure, even if you have to pay a small fee, so that customers feel confident when making payments via their mobile phones

Customers are more likely to return to your mobile website if they feel that it is user friendly, easily navigated and allows them to find and purchase products without hurdles. Keep your mobile website simple and clean with intelligent use of content and chances are it will look great on a mobile screen and will attract the customers you are seeking.

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