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Online couponing continues to grow in popularity

Coupon sites are growing in popularity all over Canada, with a spike of 79 per cent since last year.

In terms of online browsing, consumers are visiting these coupon sites frequently to check out the latest deal.

As a business owner, this is an opportunity to reach out. Offering a coupon or promotional deal will not only entice future customers, but will bring them directly to your company and/or product.

Online coupons are proving to be a powerful marketing strategy for companies to gain the interest of a customer. Everybody loves a discount, right? This allows you to establish a relationship with buyers, and in turn increases sales.

Coupons act as an effective promotion, and often attract customers even after the sale, bringing them back for more.

Consider entering the world of online couponing to reap the benefits.

So, how can you get in the game? Offer a deal on popular coupon sites such as  or to get started!

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