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Print and Digital Advertising Working Together in Harmony

tablet_bookThere are endless opinions on the benefits and pitfalls of both traditional print advertising and the latest digital modes of advertising. Instead of pitting one against the other, it is important to focus on how print and online advertising methods need each other more than ever before.

Traditional print advertising (i.e. newspaper, directory, billboards, TV, radio, and direct mail) are all designed to do the same thing: brand your business and generate leads through the audience who views them. Let’s face the truth, those audiences by and large are shrinking, but they are still massive and can be hyper-localized…which local businesses should care about!

Assessing digital advertising is a bit more difficult for local businesses because the online space is new, confusing, and constantly changing. When taken at face value, the possibilities are endless, but what should a business do to generate leads without breaking the bank? This is a question that both advertisers and marketing agencies will answer in a variety of different ways based on their opinion and what’s worked for them in the past.

Instead of evaluating print versus digital, we need to look at the underlying truth of what businesses want to accomplish: customer comes into their store, customer purchases. Period. Everything else is noise. So how does a business maximize their potential through advertising? The answer isn’t print versus digital, it’s both, and it’s tailoring your efforts to support consumer behaviour.

Print and online can be used together to brand and generate interest in a company. Whichever way a consumer notices or hears about your business, most will look into it online, and what they find will affect whether or not that potential customer will buy from you.

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