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In today?s world, mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets, are heavily relied upon by users; to communicate, share, browse, read and shop.

Which makes it important for business owners to address they are seen by mobile device users.

Studies have shown that, on average, smartphone owners use their smartphone 1.7 hours every day, with almost one-in-five owners (18%) confessing to being addicted to their smartphone and over one-third of smartphone owners (35%) saying it is important for them to have the latest smartphone.

Tablet use has skyrocketed, with a third of American adults owning a tablet computer, double that of a year ago (18%)

Mobile Experiences

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But possession of the latest mobile devices is no longer the only factor that is important to owners. It is mobile experiences when visiting websites of brands they interact with that have come to hold major significance to mobile device owners. Studies show that:

  • 54% of mobile owners think less of brands that provide poor mobile experiences
  • 79% of mobile owners expect good mobile experiences from brands they like and trust
  • 54% of mobile owners are more likely to do business with companies that provide thoughtful mobile experiences

Mobile Shopping

Mobile devices are heavily relied upon in the shopping process. It has been shown that 69% of users research products and services at least monthly and 65% search for nearby retail stores and services.?? Purchases made include parking, coffee shop purchases, movie tickets purchases and so much more.Mobile purchases appear to have gained traction and are only expected to increase in the future. In fact, among mobile device users who were recently surveyed,


  • Half (50%) made a purchase of some kind directly through their smartphone, most often (40%) using an app
  • Among purchasers, 34% used an app that has an authorized connection to their credit card
  • More than a quarter (28%) are likely to make a purchase using their smartphone in the next three months and another 15% might or might not
  • 40% look forward to a day when they can make more purchases directly through their smartphone

It is no wonder, then, that providing customers with high quality, engaging mobile experiences have become a necessity for businesses. Brands that do not keep pace with customers and do not provide the easy, disruption-free mobile experience consumers are looking for risk losing business to their competitors who are doing it right.

Metroland Media provides websites that adapt seamlessly to all mobile devices and provide the smooth experience mobile device users seek and appreciate. While your website may look perfect on your desktop, it may be a different story when viewed on tablet or smartphone. Metroland Media?s responsive websites are specifically designed and developed to match your business needs and are accessible on all iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, Apple and other tablets as well as all desktop computers.

Features included with Metroland Digital?s Responsive Websites are:

  • Fully user-editable content
  • Training
  • Search-engine friendly
  • Hosting
  • Domain name
  • Responsive layout that reconfigures for best display on smartphones, tablets and desktop
  • Only one site to update for all of your online visitors

To learn more about creating a mobile-friendly responsive website, contact Metroland Digital today!

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