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The Key to Creating an Effective Digital Ad

laptopAds are not all created equal. Your instinct may dictate that the loudest ad with the most text will get the most attention, but that’s not always the case. In fact, trying to pack too much information into an ad may discourage something from reading further.

It’s no secret that in the digital age, people have shorter attention spans to try to take in as much information as they can. Generally, people scan web pages, so you want your ad to be well-placed and concise. Ideally, the ad should be placed close to where the actual content begins, so it almost “blends” together.

Three basic components of an effective ad include your company’s logo, a tidbit about why you should choose your company over another and a “call to action” – a link to a website or a landing page to further interest the potential customer. Use urgency (e.g. limited time offer) if possible.

So when it comes to designing an ad, remember: You’re not trying to tell the customer everything about your company in a small box on a web page. You’re giving just enough to entice them to look into your products and services further. They shouldn’t have to read the ad for a minute to get the point. Also, use a font that is big enough and reader-friendly; nothing too fancy.

If you already have a clearly established brand identity, match it with your ad. That will help people identify you without having to dig too deep.

So remember, keep it simple, keep it appealing, make it tempting to click on and don’t try to overcrowd the ad. You’ll surely increase the number of eyes going straight to the ad and people clicking on it. And that means more sales!

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