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Tips to Make Your Website More Visually Appealing

  1. Balance – Making sure that your website looks symmetrical allows the design to be easier to navigate through and will appear more user-friendly.Finding balance between the images and text on the homepage of your website is crucial to make the page look organized and professional.
  2. Grids – The concept of using grids on your website, ties together with the previous tip about finding balance in your design.The structure of your layout should have an imaginary grid to help break up different sections of the website. While using a grid in your design does not refer to a literal grid drawn onto the page, instead, it refers to the way you arrange different columns and headings of menu bars and text on the page. Grids aim to maintain a sense of balance within the graphics and make it easier for your user to look at.
  3. Colour – Focusing on the colours of your website are an obvious choice, because they help represent the branding of your company.It is important to use your company colours, but having neutral and other contrasting tones allow your logo to pop. Although this does not mean that you should choose many different colours on one single page. Having a colour scheme of just two or three colours keep it from looking tacky and overwhelming.
  4. Typography – Having the perfect font can have a profound effect the design of your website.Choose the right font to represent your business, because it can set the tone of your context and be just as important to your brand identity as a logo.

    Typography isn’t limited to the font style and size alone; it is also vital to consider the indentation, placement, and the entire structure of each body of text. All of these elements contribute to the impression that your page visitors get of your company website.

  5. White Space – The white space (or negative space) on a page is exactly what it sounds like – the blank space between text and images on your website.The importance of having a white space on your page combines the elements of balance and colour to add professionalism, class, and organization to the design.

    Avoid clutter, and don’t be afraid of the simplicity of blank spaces – allow your users to rest their eyes, and focus on the key highlights of your website.

All of these tips are essential when you are trying to improve the overall look of your company website. For further information, check out these Website Design Advantages.

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