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What can I do with my video?


We will upload to YouTube on the channel: Metroland Digital,, or DailyWebTV.
If you like you can also upload to your YouTube channel using the file we send you.
From YouTube you can embed the video into your website, and also share on Social Media.

Using the video on YouTube:

Under the ‘Share’ tab, you can share to your Facebook timeline directly from YouTube by clicking the Facebook logo.
Or copy the url to your clipboard, and paste as your Facebook status to share to your timeline or a group’s timeline.
Tweet your video by clicking the Twitter logo.
Embed your video into your website using the provided html code.
YouTube allows you to customize the video player size.
YouTube defaults to SD 360p, To force HD 720p on your embed, add &hd=1 to the end of the url.
* You can also make the embedded video auto-play, and start playing at a specific point in the video. For more information visit the YouTube help page.

Playing your file on your computer and looping for showrooms/trade shows:

VLC media player is a dynamic media player for both PC and MAC that plays almost any file and disc. It also has the ability to loop a video. Just open the program, set it to loop, and it will play until you stop it. You can also loop an entire playlist of videos.
When the file is playing, click on 'Playback' and then click 'Repeat All' and it will play the file over and over.

VLC media player can be downloaded here

The file we provide will play in a traditional digital video program such as Quicktime, but VLC is recommended for it’s ability to display a wide variety of file types and video codecs.

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