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Your Business On Display – Display Advertising Online

We’re all spending more time online and 95% of that time is spent reading and engaging with content on websites.

Like display ads in a newspaper, display ads online put your message in front of your audience.

Display ads help you generate awareness by getting your ads in front of consumers, so they can learn about your business as they consider their options. The more that people research in your business category, the more important it is for your products or services to stand out from the crowd. Display advertising of is not only highly visible, but also targeted;

Where your information is being displayed, to who that ad is being displayed, when you need your campaigns to run, which online properties are sending you more business, and ultimately the best ways to market your business online.

So what do display ads really look like?

Here is a sampling;


The impact of display advertising is hard to match. People come in droves to read news, specialty articles and lifestyle articles in the dozens of publications and regions covered by Metroland. You become instantly visible as a  ‘billboard’ on major online properties for:

  • Targeted Visibility (geographic, interest)
  • Promotions (time-based, drive traffic)
  • Brand Awareness

For business owners, this means that display ads can become a powerful new platform for marketing products and services. Connecting and interacting with customers online, where they already visit, is an innovative way to increase business visibility, recruit new customers, retain new and existing consumers, and foster brand loyalty.

One in five consumers exposed to a business’s display ads perform related searches and one in three visit their website. Source: Online Publishers Association, “The Silent Click: Building Brands Online”, June 2009

The mobile user:

Reaching a mobile audience is critical, as this audience is growing enormously and has already outstripped internet usage from desktop comouters. Does your promotion fit the screen? Display ads reconfigure themselves to fit and continue to present a rich multimedia experience to everyone, especially smartphones and tablet users.

Display Ad services offered by Metroland Media:

Metroland Media can help you understand where and how display ads fit in your marketing strategy

To learn more about display ad options, and our packages and rates, contact Metroland Digital.

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